Regulation for a remote work

On February 4, the Ukrainian parliament has passed a law that shall regulate the remote work.

The law introduces two new forms for a labour organisation – home-based work and remote work.

Home-based work allows the employee to perform his duties at a place of his permanent residence (home). The specific of this form is that the employee is not allowed without the prior consent of the employer to change the place of his work, which shall be fixed in the agreement for remote work.

The remote form in its turn allows the employee to work at any place at his discretion and reserves the right to distribute his work time at own discretion as well.

On top of that, the employee might be switched at his request to remote work, if:

he was discriminated in any means;

the employee has a child under three years;

care for a child who is under six years.

It is clear that Covid-19 has changed the established approaches to the organisation of work.

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